GP-105 Náhradný pH senzor pre CP-105  

Elmetron GP-105 Náhradný pH senzor pre CP-105


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GP-105 head may be used with all meters with pH measuring function from the 100 series. Those are: CP-101CP-102CP-103CP-105CPC-105 and CX-105. The GP-105 head is used for pH and temperature measurements of samples without or with only small deposits content. The head can't be used for viscous samples or those with deposits as they may clog the diaphragm.
 For measurements with deposits, sewage, pastes etc. a GPX-105S head is necessary.
  The GP-105 head may be used for measurements of:

  • drinking water,
  • tap water,
  • samples of water from rivers and lakes,
  • swimming pool water,
  • rain water etc.

In the plastic housing there are separate glass measuring and reference electrodes and temperature sensor.
Replacing the head is trouble-free, it is necessary to fit special shape of the head to the meter's body and tightly screw the nut.
The electrodes should be kept active by keeping a sponge, placed in the protective cap, wet.
For this purpose distilled water should be used.

Technical Data

Measuring pH range 0 ÷ 14 pH
Temperature measuring range -5 ÷ 60 °C
Working temperature range -5 ÷ 60 °C
Membrane glass
Diaphragm ceramic
Minimal immersion level 30 mm
Outer housing ABS
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    CP-105 je vodotesný tester s meraním pH a teploty. Krytie testera je kompletne odolné voči vlhkosti. Meranie pH je automaticky kompenzované od teploty, ktorá môže byť zobrazovaná na displeji v jednotkách  °C alebo °F. Tester je vhodný na meranie hodnoty pH v čistých alebo v málo znečistených vodách v priemyselnom odvetí.

    106,20 € s DPH
    88,50 € bez DPH
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